Weaving Worlds is a project, a tour, and an intention to connect modern artistry with the wisdom held by Earth’s people and places. Through generating movement, a caravanning group of individuals aims to catalyze collaboration among all beings both physically and electronically or virtually. There are teams of us who create spaces alongside individuals who formulate applicable documentations so that all forms of life may participate through experience and observation. By receiving the awareness of the journey, you are graciously aligned to consider the level of depth to your contribution.

Originating from coincidentally similar plans for a Central and South American voyage, the two organizations called Fusionando Mundos and Musical Activists Alliance have intertwined realizations about the profundity of intentional travel. By sharing their already-formulated mission statements with one another, SoFree Moon and Shaun Perkins heard the clear message to join forces. The effect was a sonic ripple, emanating from an event space named after the delicious Guava fruit, that has been reverberantly touching many awe-inspired souls. Ever since that portal was activated in early October, there has been a collective resonance for individuals and projects to participate in the current undertakings of preparation and communication.

Sighs, songs and smiles showed us how to coordinate time to generate a crowd-funding campaign. Google Drives and Google-y eyes are connecting our words and hearts throughout various distances. Conversations span from face-to-face, to FaceTime, to telepaphones to astral tea parties reminding us of our will to make this journey happen as a long-lasting relationship.

Many of us have actually been training for this collective project. Now, we are creating the opportunity for ourselves to weave together our patterns in waves of intelligent bliss. As producers and activists are supported by backers and contributors to speak with founders, organizers and community leaders who empower teachers, speakers, musicians, painters, poets, performers, graphic designers and documentary filmmakers plus builders, gardeners and medicine carriers, we are all feeling the profundity of this era that I coin to be named the Resainnance. It is clear that this epoch is emerging artists of all walks of life to blossom into the presence of our collective evolution.

While many people who are going on the tour have already familiarized themselves with the culture of the Amerikuan countries, it is unique for us to be perpetuating such a collaborative production. I might like to describe the tour as an expressively vibrant string who oscillates between the nodes of sacred sites, villages and festivals. The art we generate will capture our depictions of the shared muses of the upcoming journey. We’ve been blue-printing a map full of connective layers to guide the experience for ourselves. Through our transparency, others are invited to follow along with us and participate in our interactive endeavors.

It is unbelievable how much this tribe has to offer. Every place we rest our heads will be honored with gratitude. Each penny acquired will be enjoyably allocated. The love that we share will have a beautiful effect on the world. We are creating a new paradigm and would like for you to join. We want you to create, share and love with us. Please reach from within to discover the gift that your soul has to offer. Each person is here for a reason and we are thrilled to communicate this realization! Thank you for receiving this awareness and may your heart be fulfilled.

There are a number of creative individuals who change reality through the simple act of sharing a hug. Or those who choreograph and produce intricately woven dance performances. There are also those who are tuned into prophetic teachings of ascended mastery, holding space for the wisdom keepers to reveal the essential tools for our future generations. By opening yourself to the potential of these realities, one begins to delight themselves in the joy of manifesting such an opportunity to embark alongside us!